What can we help you with?

Business Consulting

Our core know-how, GLSB collaborates with C-Levels, we are specialised in tech & e-commerce. We offer a full range of executive consulting services which include assistance with building and implementing of organisational blueprints, marketing and retention strategies; providing bespoke advice on business structuring, organisation and scaling, maximisation of profitability and effectiveness and optimal resource management. We work closely with our clients to decide what is best suitable for their needs.

Market and Product
Strategy – Compliance

Based on the needs of our clients, we provide extra assistance and advice on the set-up and implementation of various, cutting-edge compliance tools; helping to bridge the gap between Business and Compliance teams, in other words: reducing risk by increasing efficiency. We are specialised in software (IP/data) and e-commerce (adverting / retention / data protection) problematics.